Trees Today, Gone Tomorrow-By Dominic Rempillo 7.1

Farmers really start to find out that they’re most dominant source is really wood and if there were not any source of trees we all wouldn’t have the right nutrition. Most of the things farmers take are fruits and most of them come from a root. Every root starts as a seed and then they grow massively and bear fruits or beautiful flowers

God gave us the world not to destroy but to settle in and live a happy peaceful life. In the “Genesis Creation Stories” God made numerous things and one of them were trees. If something you made was destroyed wouldn’t you be sad because you may have worked very hard for that.

There are numerous reasons to as why trees are so important to our own lives. First of all, trees are the lungs of the Earth, imagine a world without trees, there would be no source of heat, we wouldn’t have oxygen to breathe in at all and we won’t even have clean air to breathe in. Trees help us to live by giving us oxygen and with out any oxygen to breathe in we would die, nobody would make the world we live in now. We wouldn’t have all this technology we have now, we wouldn’t have enough education and we wouldn’t even have stepped up to this age we are in now.

Nobody can deny that wood is vital to our lives, nobody could deny that we need wood in order to live in our advanced culture we live in today. However everyone must recognize the importance of forests themselves and we need to know how they could be used in order to help us in future generations to come.

“From Little Things Big Things Grow” this is a famous quote that is starting to get around and there is a lot of meaning in this famous quote. This quote’s meaning is that everything starts out as small and it grows just like a seed and years later it will become a massive tree. Everything starts out small and everything will become big

There are many solutions to this issue right now and we can all start taking immediate action so this can no longer go on! One solution is that we could only let people take wood that could be productive. By productive I mean that they would make anything that is vital to our lives.

These sites has many facts and many reasons why there would be more reasons to help everyone understand what these can really do!

See these trees?


What if they became this?



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