Legend- Feel The Burn

Now I will be talking to you about bushfires, that has happened in the past also explaining what has caused this in the past. Like the Victorian bushfires.

The days that all Victorians will never forget. This tragic event was even given a name Black Saturday.173 people died and 414 were injured or wounded. All those families with a blank space in their life a burden to carry on for the rest of their life. Not just was it a normal bushfire there was claims to be an arsonist involved. They found a cigarette butt and a lighter on the ground after the fires. Which sparked a suspicion that a person deliberately lit these fires.

All the houses burnt down into ashes turned into dust in a blink of an eye. This didn’t bring down the Victorians they pick themselves up they stood their ground and they didn’t back down. All the communities came together and helped rebuild this state. They believed they could do it and the saying is if you believe you will achieve.

Most of these disasters are caused naturally due to changes in the earth’s crust but however some of it is caused by ignorant humans in our society today. Like bushfires,they are sometimes caused by people called arsonists that light fires on purpose which kill innocent bystanders in our community.

The Earths Crust has 3 layers which is divided into 15 major parts. Most of these disasters are caused by movements of the Earth. These happen with the minimum amount of warning and include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves. They are very hard to predict and impossible to stop. All that can be done is to take appropriate action to limit damage and loss of life after they happen.

Here is a link to read more about this issue Read here to find out more if you want to watch a video this is another link that will help you understand this issue easier Watch this this will show you how lucky these people were to escape from these tragic catastrophe and give you an idea of what happened.

The arsonist who was accused of causing this massive catastrophe was
Brendan Sokaluk the man that took many lives from children to adults. Now some people are without a dad to love, a mum to nurture and even lost children because of this.So read more about Brendan Sokaluk and comment on our page on what you think about this man and what they should do to him.

Here is one of the main sites to learn more about this issue Here and tell me what you think in the comments and how we can try and prevent these issues from happening in our society today?

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By Ethan Sebastian
Parramatta Marist High


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