Trees Today, Gone Tomorrow-By Dominic Rempillo 7.1

Farmers really start to find out that they’re most dominant source is really wood and if there were not any source of trees we all wouldn’t have the right nutrition. Most of the things farmers take are fruits and most of them come from a root. Every root starts as a seed and then they grow massively and bear fruits or beautiful flowers

God gave us the world not to destroy but to settle in and live a happy peaceful life. In the “Genesis Creation Stories” God made numerous things and one of them were trees. If something you made was destroyed wouldn’t you be sad because you may have worked very hard for that.

There are numerous reasons to as why trees are so important to our own lives. First of all, trees are the lungs of the Earth, imagine a world without trees, there would be no source of heat, we wouldn’t have oxygen to breathe in at all and we won’t even have clean air to breathe in. Trees help us to live by giving us oxygen and with out any oxygen to breathe in we would die, nobody would make the world we live in now. We wouldn’t have all this technology we have now, we wouldn’t have enough education and we wouldn’t even have stepped up to this age we are in now.

Nobody can deny that wood is vital to our lives, nobody could deny that we need wood in order to live in our advanced culture we live in today. However everyone must recognize the importance of forests themselves and we need to know how they could be used in order to help us in future generations to come.

“From Little Things Big Things Grow” this is a famous quote that is starting to get around and there is a lot of meaning in this famous quote. This quote’s meaning is that everything starts out as small and it grows just like a seed and years later it will become a massive tree. Everything starts out small and everything will become big

There are many solutions to this issue right now and we can all start taking immediate action so this can no longer go on! One solution is that we could only let people take wood that could be productive. By productive I mean that they would make anything that is vital to our lives.

These sites has many facts and many reasons why there would be more reasons to help everyone understand what these can really do!

See these trees?


What if they became this?



Just getting warmed up!

Everyone knows that Global Warming was never important. We all thought it was good until the temperature dramatically changed. Even now we experience erratic weather. It has been raining crazily for the past week and it still is. We fail to recognise the fact that we are the solely responsible for this issue.

I will tell the story of a young man named Global Warming. I know his name might sound a bit silly but I need this to relate to my topic so sit back, relax and listen.

So this young man used to be all good. He helped people and was nice and did all sort of good things. He talked to the animals (being the only human) and socialised. He was respected amongst all beings and respected them.

Then one day he was walking down the valley, minding his own business when Bam! There was a bright light and it was shining and everything! And when the light dimmed he looked and found a pair of people from the future! They looked futuristic, wearing odd clothes that no one would be seen wearing. They were wearing shades with black hair and had no expression whatsoever. They threw a small box on the ground and a house transformed out of it. The house was compacted and had everything that they needed from it. Global Warming was surprised at everything that had just happened and just stood there dumbfounded.

The man said “Hello, we are your new neighbours whether you like it or not”. To be honest, Global Warming didn’t like the idea that he had new neighbours. He thought that they would ruin his peace and harmony. He said to them “Nice to meet you. My name is Global Warming, but you can call me GW”. The man said ” Hi GW, my name is Carbon and her name is Dioxide” (how convenient?). They instantly left and went into their house. GW was mad and just went back home because he knew he could do nothing about it.

Some days went by and GW wasn’t feeling so good. He was sick in the stomach and had a terrible fever. Something he had also noticed was that he was releasing heat out of his body. Soon enough, animals were dying and trees were being chopped down and C, D and their new community were releasing a lot of gasses.

They soon learnt what they were doing and decided to stop it. They stopped cutting down trees and releasing gasses and soon enough animals were living again and GW was at a good enough temperature that he could enjoy. He was happy and the community was happy. They lived in peace and harmony and the community was always cautious of raising GW’s temperature.

Made by Aaron Revollar

Parramatta Marist High


Where i got my idea from:

Science Blog: A Quaint Parable

Legend- Feel The Burn

Now I will be talking to you about bushfires, that has happened in the past also explaining what has caused this in the past. Like the Victorian bushfires.

The days that all Victorians will never forget. This tragic event was even given a name Black Saturday.173 people died and 414 were injured or wounded. All those families with a blank space in their life a burden to carry on for the rest of their life. Not just was it a normal bushfire there was claims to be an arsonist involved. They found a cigarette butt and a lighter on the ground after the fires. Which sparked a suspicion that a person deliberately lit these fires.

All the houses burnt down into ashes turned into dust in a blink of an eye. This didn’t bring down the Victorians they pick themselves up they stood their ground and they didn’t back down. All the communities came together and helped rebuild this state. They believed they could do it and the saying is if you believe you will achieve.

Most of these disasters are caused naturally due to changes in the earth’s crust but however some of it is caused by ignorant humans in our society today. Like bushfires,they are sometimes caused by people called arsonists that light fires on purpose which kill innocent bystanders in our community.

The Earths Crust has 3 layers which is divided into 15 major parts. Most of these disasters are caused by movements of the Earth. These happen with the minimum amount of warning and include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves. They are very hard to predict and impossible to stop. All that can be done is to take appropriate action to limit damage and loss of life after they happen.

Here is a link to read more about this issue Read here to find out more if you want to watch a video this is another link that will help you understand this issue easier Watch this this will show you how lucky these people were to escape from these tragic catastrophe and give you an idea of what happened.

The arsonist who was accused of causing this massive catastrophe was
Brendan Sokaluk the man that took many lives from children to adults. Now some people are without a dad to love, a mum to nurture and even lost children because of this.So read more about Brendan Sokaluk and comment on our page on what you think about this man and what they should do to him.

Here is one of the main sites to learn more about this issue Here and tell me what you think in the comments and how we can try and prevent these issues from happening in our society today?

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By Ethan Sebastian
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